Who invented the cell phone? Dr. Martin Cooper accredited by the invention of the cell phone

Who invented the cell phone? After World War II, the invention of the cell phone was accredited by an engineer from the world-famous cell phone company Motorola, and his name is Dr. Martin Cooper. Son of a Ukrainian descendant, and now world renowned, Dr. Cooper received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. In 1954 he began working for Motorola and at night he studied to obtain his master's degree. In 1957 he finally graduated with a master's degree.

In 1950, John F. Mitchell also graduated in electrical engineering, and in 1960 he became the chief engineer of Mobile Communications Projects at Motorola. Together they became the pioneers of the invention of cell phones. Cooper worked hard on the development of the first portable handheld police radio, developed in 1967 for the Chicago Police Department. At that time everything was analog, not until recently with the new digital radios that were now becoming increasingly popular.

In 1973, the creation of the first 800 mobile cell phone (MHZ) now yearned for its prototype. At that time, Motorola's base station was trying to obtain authorization from the FCC. With cell phones you need frequencies to send information over the air. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) are in charge of all radio signals and frequencies that are sent over the air. They play a vital role in today's society. Have you ever wondered why you have to turn off your phone on a plane before takeoff? The reason is because the signals from your phone can interrupt the signals of the electronics of the plane in which they are transmitted back to the tower on the runway. Remember to always turn off your phone before boarding a plane.

The first phone call was made in New York on April 3, 1973 near the Hilton hotel in New York. Journalists came to the scene, the media wanted to know who invented the cell phone. What better place to make history. Especially, in the middle of the most populous city in the United States. The name of the phone is called Dyna-Tac 800 X handheld cell phone, it weighed a whopping 2.5 lb (1.1 kg). At that time, only the military and large companies had access to them.

Dr. Joel S. Engel, head of research at Bell Labs, was his rival at the time. Both companies worked side by side, when the public asked; "Who invented the cell phone", both wanted to say that I did it. Guess who got that first cell phone call? You guessed it Bell Labs! It reminds me of Steve Jobs with Apple Computer and Bill Gates with Microsoft Windows. Both companies are strong competitors in today's markets; You can find them on the New York Stock Exchange.

The fundamental technology and communication markets had gone from the clumsy efforts of invention of cell phones to the latest personal mobile devices. Coopers' invention was simplified from the manufacture of car phones to handheld personal devices. Having a computer built into a phone today to check your emails, among other fascinating features, is not uncommon.

For the price of $ 4,000 per phone, they were not cheap, by far. When Motorola started selling phones to consumers, it decided to leave the company and start its own business. If a successful business of cellular operations could not be enough, with his personal success and fortune, Dr. Cooper decides to sell his niche, for a phenomenal $ 23 million dollars to Cincinnati Bell. They are on the New York Stock Exchange and thrive with their symbol as (CBB).

In 1987, Martin Cooper and his wife Arlene Harris began working on some technological efforts from the invention of cell phones to large companies such as SOS Wireless, Array-Comm and Jitter-bug.

In summary, I suppose that a bit of Captain Kirk of the successful Star Trek series inspired his efforts in the development of invented cell phone technology, until the last invention of cell phones of the century.